Confessions of a Homeschooler

一个家庭教育者的自白是一个充满思想的家庭教育博客,资源,curriculum,recipes,projects,and digital scrapbooking supplies!随时来参观!

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Well,this may not be a popular answer,但不管我们是否注意,我们都会有磨蹭的后果。如果学生选择拖延,那么他们会把工作放在“家庭作业堆”里,放学后就可以做。Usually one time of having to do work while everyone else is playing helps motivate them to pay attention and work diligently during class time!

If someone is having trouble focusing due to noise issues,我让他们用耳机屏蔽多余的噪音。我也允许他们去他们的房间或其他舒适的地方阅读,因为这需要更多的关注。

What's an educational game or activity you and your kids love?

We like all kinds of games and hands on activities to help make our learning experience more well rounded and memorable.Whenever possible we make crafts,recipes,笔记本电脑,or notebooking pages to go with our studies.This just helps make things more fun in general,but also brings your subject to life for the kiddos.They'll definitely remember something they created with their own hands!


We all read as a group.We take turns with the ones who are old enough and we do fun activities that go with our reading like lapbooks.但我们主要是作为一个家庭一起阅读。I also have some reading incentive type things to help encourage them to read on their own.你可以在这里看到更多:

What's a good way to motivate and support children who are struggling to learn a certain school subject?


我的建议是尝试一些新的东西,think outside the box!If your child isn't getting something,这是我们的工作,要确保他们能做到,not theirs.Be flexible,仅仅因为你买了一个课程并不意味着它将为你的家庭工作。如果它不起作用,愿意改变它。要有创造力,通过使用孩子感兴趣的操纵手段让它变得有趣!如果有的话,我们喜欢做笔记本,玩能促进这一主题的游戏。If it's a memorization issue,come up with a jingle,poem,or visual to help them remember.Mostly,try not to get frustrated.你的孩子可能和你一样沮丧,and so it won't help if you are both having a bad attitude ;o)
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What's a great developmental toy for preschoolers?


I reach for anything that is hands on to work on those fine motor skills!Lacing beads are great,转移物体的钳子,coloring,cutting,大型木制拼图,and even art stuff like play-doh and painting!Erica @
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